The SleepyOrb™ Back Belt


You Save: 30% ($40.00 USD)

A lumbar decompression belt that stretches and supports the lower back to relieve pain.


You Save: 30% ($40.00 USD)

The SleepyOrb™ Back Belt that relieves pain by decompressing the lower back.


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What Is the SleepyOrb™ Back Belt?

SleepyOrb™ Back Belt is a lumbar decompression belt that is used to relieve lower back pain. It lengthens and decompresses the spine to stretch the back and relieve pain. Your at-home chiropractor treatment!

Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

Living in pain for years is not fun! Work on healing your lower back with the SleepyOrb™ Back Belt.

Living in pain for years is not fun! Work on healing your lower back with the SleepyOrb™ Back Belt.

Helps Relieve Situational Pain

Sometimes we do things that result in a flash of pain. Relieve that pain and tightness with your own at-home chiropractor treatment with the SleepyOrb™ Back Belt!.

The Science


SleepyOrb™ Back Belt uses decompression technology.  This is the same therapy chiropractors use to "crack" your back. 


There are countless benefits to stretching the lower back. One of the greatest is it relieves pain and increases mobility.


Every day use will greatly improve mobility and strength, for long-term back health!

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We have a full iron clad 30-day money back guarantee. Sleeping better should be easy!


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Why do I need SleepyOrb™ Back Belt?

This all natural back pain remedy not only reduces and relieves back pain, it's also scientifically proven to help your back in the long term.

Will it fit under my clothes?

Yes! The SleepyOrb™ Back Belt is designed to fit comfortably and unnoticeable under your clothes. 

Will the SleepyOrb™ Back Belt pop?

No! We have a safety valve on it, to allow excessive pressure to be released before popping the belt.

What size is it?

The SleepyOrb™ Back Belt is 46 inches long, with an additional 9 inch attachment to fit waist sizes up to 55 inches.